How To Pick The Best Set Of Clubs For Your Game

Tips to Put the Right Set of Golf Clubs in Your Hands

Putting the right set of golf clubs in your hand is more important than you think. Since the game is counted by strokes, the wrong club can add shots to the wrong side of your scorecard. The right set of clubs can also help to carve strokes off your game.

The first consideration is your skill level. You may not appreciate why this is so important until you experience how much of a difference this can make. Once you get a set that fits your golf abilities, you will decide on features such as grip, plus shaft length and material.

Your Skill Level

Golf club manufacturers design golf clubs for various skill levels. You don't want a golf club made for a pro if you're a beginner. There are clubs with a more open face design that are specially made to help beginners get more lift on the ball.

Intermediate level players and up have a wider range of clubs to choose from. Keep in mind; the shafts of golf clubs gradually lose playability. If you're a beginner, it's not always a good idea to purchase a used set of clubs just to save a few bucks.

Once you determine your skill level, usually calculated by your handicap, pick a set of clubs manufactured for that level. To help you decide if your clubs fit your game, consult charts that will tell you how much distance you should get when using a particular club.

Grip, Shaft Length and Material

  • The Grip – Novice golfers may not appreciate how important the grip on a golf club is for getting the most out of every shot. As an example, if you have big hands and use grips that are too thin, you'll get too much hand action on every shot. This will cause a baffling inconsistency in your accuracy.

The same holds true for grips that are too fat for your hand size. Grips that are too thick will restrict your hand action and actually reduce your distance for any particular club by 20 to 30 yards. To get the right size grip, wrap your left hand around the club handle. Your ring and middle fingers of your left hand will lay right across the top half an inch of your thumb.

When your fingers have to stretch to comfortably rest across your thumb, the grip is too fat. If there is too much overlap, then the grip is too skinny. One nice thing about the grips on golf clubs, if you find a perfect set of clubs length-wise, a good pro shop can get you fitted for the perfect grip.

  • Shaft Length - Taller players need longer clubs, that aspect of picking the right golf clubs seems logical. One thing that beginning golfers may not realize is, that shorter players who get clubs that are too long experience the worst result.

Tall players may adapt to a shorter shaft length by bending their knees. While this is definitely not a good solution, a short player with a set of clubs that are too long will be constantly driving the club into the ground. The results will be less than optimal for both situations.

To make sure you get the right shaft length, there are charts matching different heights with the shaft length on your golf clubs. Be mindful that you should also take into account oddities like shorter or longer arms than normal.

A great suggestion for anyone looking for their first set of golf clubs is to visit a pro shop and get a professional measurement for both your grip diameter and shaft length. Once you have these numbers, unless you grow or shrink, they are going to stay the same forever.

  • Shaft Material – The final thing to consider when picking the right set of golf clubs is the shaft material. This will also be a determining factor in shaft stiffness. Taller players benefit from a slightly stiffer shaft. There are shafts made with graphite and titanium, but these materials usually suit higher skill levels.

The decision on what type of material you prefer will be something that will develop over time. Beginners should start out with a standard metal shaft. As your game improves, and you possibly decide to pursue different levels of competition, you can graduate up to a higher-priced set of clubs.

Remember, when you have the right set of clubs in your hand, you'll be able to cut strokes off your game and enjoy your time out on the links better. Begin by assessing your skill level, and then pick a set of clubs with a grip that feels good and shaft that's the correct length. While swing mechanics are important, the right set of clubs can help you get the most out of every shot.